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Fates Project

Multimedia, Live Arts, Performance

The FATES Project explores the mythological narratives of three female characters, Ariadne, Clytemnestra and Medea, and presents them as powerful archetypes. Each persona represents a particular phase of womanhood and experience, and alongside these complicated female characters, all of whom have been abandoned or betrayed in one way or another, the Three Fates weave destiny, offer solace, and speak their truth.

Currently in Research and Development, and conceived as a multimedia performance piece, we have begun with filmic episodes, generating an identity for each of the characters or female personas, and considering their aesthetic associations. We are exploring the use of Masks as a means to heighten the sense of the Archetype, although Clytemnestra’s story takes a different tack and confronts the audience directly in a more contemporary attempt to provoke or inspire sympathy. We are also intending to collaborate with a sound artist/vocal composer who will work with us to generate original scores for each of the sequences. We anticipate that these will each have their own identity and flavour. We are looking to create a performance language that combines Ritual, Classical, Avant-garde and Contemporary elements. 


About Us

We are Celia Mendizabal and Gail Sixsmith, two independent artists of diverse backgrounds with a long trajectory in the performing arts, who have recently started to collaborate for the creation of a new project exploring Greek Heroines as universal archetypes. 

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